Saturday, April 04, 2009

A very cool picture from God

There was a Worship and Ministry night at the church this evening (Thanks Kim). It was a wonderful time of being in the presence of the Lord and participating in corporate worship with a group of people I really love. During worship, I got a couple of words and God allowed me to see something very cool.

There is a guitarist in the worship band named Charlie, Charlie has a little boy named Caleb. Charlie was in the worship band tonight playing a mean guitar (Charlie is extremely gifted) and right in the middle of a worship song Caleb (who is maybe five or six) came in from the back of the sanctuary, walked right up the aisle, up onto the stage, across the stage and right to the feet of his Dad.

The Lord used this event to show me what our relationship with Him should look like. Caleb did not think twice about his dad being busy playing guitar, Caleb didn't think anything about all of the people who would see him go up on the stage, I don't even think a whole team of mules could have kept him from going to feet of his dad. To Caleb, all he saw was his dad, and he went to him as if to say... "It doesn't matter what my dad is doing, he is my dad and he will always make time for me!". It is just like that for you and I, but the difference is that we have trouble overlooking the things that Caleb didn't give a second thought to. We get concerned about what people will think of us if we run to our heavenly Father. Our God, our heavenly Daddy will always make time for us and we need to run to him without reservation.

When Caleb first went  up on the stage to his dad, it brought a smile to my face, just seeing him go. But when the Lord revealed to me what He wanted me to see, it brought tears to my eyes and choked me up. It did so several time throughout the night as I remembered the lesson. God loves us and wants us to come to Him, not waiting for a proper time, for a convenient time, He wants us to just to come!

Thank you Lord for this beautiful picture, I needed to see it and I guess I was meant to share it.

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