Friday, February 20, 2009

Trusting in the darkness

The world around us is constantly changing  and we are constantly adapting to living in it. We have a choice when it comes to how we do the adapting, we can either adapt gracefully or grudgingly, but either way, we will adapt. I am very thankful that I have a real trust in my Lord that allows me to adapt gracefully for the most part. Because of my faith, I believe that their is a master plan and that these changes will end up for the greater good as they all fit into Gods plan.

I am facing some potential changes right now and I am struggling with how to deal with them. On the one hand I am trusting that God will do what is best and on the other hand I am praying that God will work things out so that I don't have to deal with a bunch of pain. I am facing the prospect of a couple of my good friends having to move away in order to get jobs. I want them to be able to have good jobs and to be able to provide for their families, but on I don't want that to happen at the expense of my having to watch them move away. I love these guys and would be hurt to see them go.

I'm not entirely sure where they are with wanting to stay or wanting to go and so I am struggling with selfishness as I am most concerned with me and my feelings. You see, I really love these guys and their families, having seen their children grow up. So I pray... I pray that God will accomplish in them the things that He wants to accomplish.

So there we are... I'm in the dark. I don't know God's will for my friends, I don't know the desires of their hearts either. I am left looking in from the outside with only my desires for my friends. I don't feel guilty in making my desires known to God and I will will be thankful regardless the outcome as I trust that God knows what's best.

Monday, February 09, 2009


Why is unity so important? It is important for so many different reasons. The main reason for me is simply that Jesus calls for it in the scriptures. Jesus taught that we should love one another and if we are loving one another then unity will naturally follow. I could spend all day talking about the things that break down unity but I would rather consider the benefits.

You know, I don't think people really stop to consider the people we have all around us, especially in the church. The church in the scriptures is referred to as the body of Christ and each member of the body has a unique purpose. It is interesting that when a part of the body turns against the rest of the body it is generally surgically removed. We don't usually do this in the church, although members turn against one another all the time, usually over stupid things that mean nothing in the view of eternity.

Our churches and communities would be so much stronger if we were united, truly loving one anther from the heart. We simply need to set aside our differences or our perceived differences so that we can concentrate on those things that make us the same. Simply being disciples of Jesus, should be enough to keep us together. I can't see how we can consider ourselves disciples and not do the things He has asked us to do. He simply wants us to love one another. He doesn't ask us to find people who are just like we are, I don't think it has anything to do with us, but has everything to do with us seeing Jesus in each other.

I see this all the time when working with the youth, it is like they constantly are looking for the very things that can keep them apart instead of looking at the very thing that should unite them. It kills me because they do not yet have the eyes to look past the here and now and to look at the future. The things that they are "into" today are not the things that they will be "into" next week. My prayer is that the youth of today will be able to set aside their differences so that they can unite one with another in love with Jesus being the glue.

Lord, bring unity to your church! Cleanse hearts and help us to focus on You. Be the glue that unites us and protect us from the enemy who wants nothing more than to separate us so that he can destroy us. Lord these young ones need you and they need each other, please show them how they can unite to follow You. Give them grace for one another so that they can get beyond the silly things and see the Truth for what it is.

Please join with me in praying for unity!